In many ways, today’s sex dolls are incredible. They are large, expensive, and difficult to transport. Even if you have the space and desire to purchase something, it is not always sufficient. This means that people want to purchase high-quality torso sex doll. The first people to see it may be taken aback. After you’ve recovered from the initial shock, there are a plethora of reasons to stock up on sex doll torsos. Below are four most famous sex dolls in 2022.

1.    Sex Torso Hip Model

This is an excellent starting point because it is one of the smaller torsos for sex dolls. All in one small, discrete package: ass, hips, pussy, and anus. She is clearly a young girl, as evidenced by her round, curvy behind and spotless pussy.

2.    Sexy Britney Torso Doll

This Sexy Britney Torso Doll is one of the most affordable full-sex torso sex dolls. In terms of cost, this is the best option. It works well and is inexpensive, much like chips.

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3.    Upper Body Mini Torso

This Mini Torso Doll with an Upper Body may not look like anything you’ve seen before, but it’s a significant improvement over the products previously recommended. This model is for people who can afford it and are concerned with how well it is made and looks. She has good pecs, a good bust, good hips, a good waist, a good pussy, and a good a price.

4.    TPE Sex Torso Calf Model

What Is Wonderful About TPE Mating? The Torso Calf Model is intended for people who are more concerned with their legs than with their upper bodies. There is nothing on her chest because she was born without breasts. She has a small waist and long legs, but no hips or a bust. If you enjoy getting drunk with women who wrap their legs around your neck, this doll was made for you.


Another torso sex doll sex doll that appears to be real is Realistic Torso Sex Doll Monroe. Monroe is the doll for you if you find sex dolls with no heads or arms creepy.